We are excited to announce the grand opening of our brand-new Reformer Pilates studio at Balance New Lambton on Monday December 4!

After the successful launch of our new Pilates studio at Balance Mayfield, we are overjoyed to extend this offering to New Lambton and provide you, our valued member, even more opportunities to flex with us at Balance.

Reformer Pilates offers a wide range of benefits, including improved core strength, flexibility, muscle tone, posture, and injury rehabilitation. There’ll be 10 brand-new Pilates Reformer beds at Balance New Lambton, and 12 at Balance Mayfield - offering over 30 classes a week combined!

We have adjusted the price of our Holistic (Yoga & Pilates) add-on, and shifted Yoga to be included in your standard Gym Pass. You can now access the Pilates add-on for just $14.95 per week. This membership upgrade will provide you with unlimited access to Reformer Pilates at both Balance Mayfield and New Lambton. 

Simply upgrade by contacting us on 02 4903 6200, at membership@balancecollective.com.au, or head to the member portal.

You're required to wear grippy socks to all Reformer Pilates sessions. If you don't have a pair, visit our friendly reception at Balance Mayfield to purchase yours!

View the Balance New Lambton Reformer Pilates timetable here.

View the Balance Mayfield Reformer Pilates timetable here.

January 12, 2024