swim lanes

As a Swim Member, enjoy some laps in available lanes at our Mayfield facility.

pool lanes info

Swim Members can arrive at our Mayfield facility and swim in any lanes that are available (swimming in a clockwise direction). 

Our available times are: 

25m pool

Monday - Friday:  5.30am - 3.30pm / 6.30pm - 8.45pm

Saturday: 7.00am - 7.45am / 12.45pm - 4.45pm

Sunday: 7.00am - 4.45pm

Program Pool

Monday - Friday: 5.30am - 7.45am / 12.15pm - 2.00pm / 6.30pm - 8.45pm

Saturday: 7.00am - 7.45am / 12.45pm - 4.45pm

Sunday: 7.00am - 4.45pm

If you have any questions or issues, jump on our Balance Collective Facebook or Instagram