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Roll out a mat in one of our welcoming yoga classes included in your Gym Pass. You'll bend, stretch, breathe then repeat. Feel the transformative effect that a regular yoga class has on your mind and body. Our instructors guide you through a range of movements designed to promote balance, control and flexibility, while releasing tension and leaving you feeling free.

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Hello, sun salutations. Move seamlessly from pose to pose, in perfect synchronicity with your breath.

A classic style of yoga, Vinyasa is all about boosting your strength and flexibility, while channeling inner peace. In sync with your breathing, you’ll move through a series of poses designed to awaken your muscles and sharpen your mind.

Our teachers will gently guide you through your yoga practice, providing props and tips to help you get the most from every move. In a class that’s all about making you feel fabulous, you’ll never want your hour to end.

Duration: 60 mins

Yin Yoga

Immerse yourself in the moment, gently stretching, lengthening and awakening your body – all while experiencing zen-like calm.

Yin yoga targets your deep connective tissue. Over the course of a class, you’ll sink into a series of slow, meditative and occasionally challenging poses designed to stretch and lengthen your ligaments, loosen your joints, and boost your circulation.

Our yin yoga instructors teach all levels, from beginner to advanced, in the one class. Using props and blocks, they’ll show you how to adapt each pose to suit your body. And they’ll teach you how to tune your thoughts into your breathing, so you can experience the mindful benefits of the practice.

Duration: 60 mins
Difficulty: Low
Intensity: Low

Flow Yoga

Feel the freedom of unrestrained movement as you move through a range of classic yoga poses.

Down dog, breathe. Chaturanga, breathe. Up dog, breathe. Back to down dog. Sequences like these are the hallmark of a classic Flow yoga class – with gentle, yet dynamic movements designed to bring your body into a state of balance.

A typical Flow yoga class takes you through a combination of yoga, tai chi and pilates movements that you can adapt depending on how flexi you feel. It’s all about relaxing your mind while strengthening and stretching your body.

Duration: 45 mins
Difficulty: Low
Intensity: Low

Power Flow

Strength, stability, staying power. Get all this plus the feel-good glow of Power Flow yoga.

Not for the faint-hearted, Power Flow takes what you know about yoga and turns it into something more challenging, leaving a sheen on your brow and a post-workout ache in your muscles. Sure, you’ll still move through all your favourite yoga poses, but you’ll do it faster and hold the hard ones longer.

Power Flow yoga is designed to build upon your functional strength and stability, while challenging your breath control and staying power. If you’re looking for more of a cardio blast from your yoga class, this one’s for you.

Duration: 60 mins
Difficulty: Moderate to High
Intensity: Moderate