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Whether you’re a newbie or a gym junkie, a tortoise or a hare, there’s a class (or three) for everyone at Balance Collective Gyms. Each class is designed with specific health and fitness goals in mind, and delivered by our super-friendly, extra-encouraging instructors.

And the best bit? Once you sign up for a plan, you can try as many of these classes as you like. So, what are you waiting for? Secure your next class 48 hours in advance through the B.Co App.


A great range of high-energy, heart-pumping workouts to get you fit, faster.


Become a stronger, more powerful version of yourself in classes designed to strengthen core muscle groups, fast.


From down dog to crow pose, we’ll sort your core strength and balance faster than you can say, Hundreds.


Build your core strength and tone your muscles with low impact.

personal training

Realise your fitness goals faster, with one-on-one training that’s shaped to your individual needs.


Get all the benefits of a full-body workout, without impact. You’ll soon see why our swim classes are so popular.