Sticking to the same walking routine everyday can begin to feel a bit repetitive or boring. Adjusting your workout every now and again allows you to challenge yourself and stay motivated. We've tried and tested 8 effective ways to maximise your daily walk:

1. Get stretchy

Stretching regularly can help speed up your fitness results by boosting circulation and oxygen to your muscles. This allows them to repair and strengthen quicker. Exercise balls, stretching bands and foam rollers are great tools to help you stretch and enhance flexibility.  

2. Utilise hills and inclines

Head to the hills to increase your heart rate and easily burn calories. It also helps tone your core and glutes by challenging these muscles with a high incline. 

3. Step it up

Adding stairs to your typical walk is great for increasing strength and muscle mass in your lower body and core. You can mix it up by walking or jogging up and and down the stairs, depending on your fitness level. 

4. Increase the duration

By as little as two minutes per day, you can slowly increase your walking time to gradually build up your stamina. Challenge yourself by adding on a few minutes every week and start noticing the difference!


5. Add intervals

Interval training isn't as complicated as it sounds and can be achieved simply by varying the intensity of an exercise throughout a workout. For example, if you walk for an hour, try to maintain a fast past for 10 minutes before returning to a slower pace for 5 minutes.

6. Pump it

Using dumbbells allows you to combine strength-training exercises to your usual walk. Whether it be before, during or after walking, you'll be able to strengthen and build muscle in your body. We suggest some overhead extensions or lunges prior to a walk. 

7. Compete with yourself

You are your own biggest competitor when it comes to fitness and no matter how slow or fast your walking pace is, you can try increasing your walking speed. Try walking your typical walking route at a faster speed and see if it is any quicker than usual!

8. Utilise tech

Incorporate technology to monitor the duration and speed how long or far you are walking each time. This can allow you to see where you want to improve over time. We suggest fun exercise apps that involve engaging colours and noises. The 'Health' app on iPhones also monitor your daily and weekly step counts.

September 20, 2021