Power up with our favourite workout playlists to blast during any exercise. From throwbacks, hip-hop to rock classes, these Spotify playlists will bring your sesh to the next level. 

Throwback Workout

It doesn't need to be a Thursday to throw it back. Check out this classic tunes playlist here

Beast Mode Workout

Enter Beast Mode with this exhilarating playlist featuring the latest hip-hop and house music sounds here.

Classic Workout

Sweat it out with these radio friendly tunes that'll hit the spot every time. See here. 

Pre-Weekend Workout

There's no doubt you'll be adding this to queue during your next workout. Check out this House Party playlist here.

Big Energy Workout

This female artist packed playlist, is for the Cardi B or Doja Cat fans. Warning! It's spicy. See here.

Mindful Workout

Connect with your body, mind and music with this calming playlist to stretch and unwind to. See here.

April 21, 2022