Starting Saturday June 1st, we're revolutionising our Reformer Pilates classes at both Mayfield & New Lambton. To ensure you have the best opportunity to move, bend, and flex with us at Balance, we've changed our Reformer Pilates class types to be accessible to all levels!

what this means for you

  • Tailored Exercises: Our instructors will provide optional layers to each exercise. Whether you're a newbie or a seasoned pro, you can choose the intensity that suits you best.
  • Inclusive Environment: You'll be in a supportive class setting where everyone works at their own pace. This inclusive approach allows for a more flexible and enjoyable workout experience.
  • Personal Progression: No need to worry about outgrowing a class. As you improve, you can continue to challenge yourself with more advanced layers of each exercise.
  • Flexibility in Scheduling: With all-level classes, you can attend any class that fits your schedule without worrying about whether it matches your skill level.

This change means more flexibility for you to attend classes at times that suit your busy schedule, without having to worry about class levels. More classes, more fun, and even more opportunities to meet and mingle with our amazing community of Pilates lovers.

We believe this is a fantastic move (pun intended!) for our Pilates family. It's all about giving you more freedom, more choice, and the best possible Pilates experience we can offer.

If you're not already a Reformer Pilates member, add it on to your membership for only $14.95 a week. Sign up here!

View the updated New Lambton Pilates timetable.

View the updated Mayfield Pilates timetable.

class descriptions

  • Pilates Foundation: This class will kick start your Pilates journey or refresh what you already know. Get comfortable with the Reformer and learn how to set up/adjust the equipment to maximise your workout. Conducted at a comfortable pace, this class allows you to grasp safe and efficient techniques that will be invaluable for other group classes in the future. You'll master proper techniques needed to build core strength, stability, and a strong mind-body connection.
    Great for beginners
  • Pilates All Levels: Just as the name suggests, this class is perfect for all levels! It's taught in a layering and progression style designed to meet you at your level of challenge. We'll help you continue building on the essentials of Pilates while introducing intermediate to advanced exercises.
    Great for beginners to advanced
  • Pilates Jump: This is the class to get your blood pumping. We attach a jump board to the front end of the Reformer to provide a robust workout targeting your legs, abs, arms, and glutes. It's fast-paced and aerobic, offering all the benefits of cardio without high impact, which means minimal stress on your joints.
    Great for intermediate to advanced
  • Pilates HIIT: Our HIIT class combines the fundamentals of Pilates with the benefits of high-intensity interval training, to improve your stamina and agility. The intensity is adjustable, making it perfect for those advancing from Foundation/All Level classes, while still being challenging for more experienced members.
    Great for intermediate to advanced
May 17, 2024