Next time you're in the mood for a square or row of sweet sweet chocolate, consider choosing a high percentage dark variety for valuable health benefits. 

From bean to bar, you can improve your overall health with this late night treat or afternoon pick-me-up, let's unwrap it:

1) Improve heart health

Dark Chocolate is filled with antioxidants which can lower blood pressure therefore decreasing the risk of clotting and increases circulation to the heart. This is turn, lowers the risks of coronary heart disease and strokes.  

2) Improves brain function

The flavonols found in dark chocolate may improve an individual's reaction time, visual spatial awareness and memory. This is because it increases blood flow to the brain. 

3) Reduces stress

Studies have shown individuals felt 'less stressed' after consuming dark chocolate and this may be due to the production of Endorphins which in turn reduce cortisol. 

4) Boosts active performance

The epicatechin in dark chocolate can support circulation and decrease the amount of oxygen required in intense exercise through the production of nitric oxide in the blood. This allows individuals to maintain their workout intensity for longer periods of time. 

5) May prevent disease

Epicatechin also protects and strengthens cells to allow the body to use insulin more efficiently. Some studies have shown that this may prevent the risk of diabetes. 

March 24, 2022