Exercise can begin right in the palm of your hand with these fun and high energy workout apps. Here are our best picks during lockdown:

This is the ideal app for beginners, those with a busy schedule or for those looking to set smaller fitness goals. There's no equipment required and the pre-workout demonstrations are always super helpful. There are three workouts available: a HIIT style, core or a general workout to target various areas. 

Taking good care of your mental wellbeing is the first step to achieving optimal physical health. Clear your mind, reduce stress and take control of your thoughts with the Headspace app. It teaches you how to meditate and offers other specific programs to manager chronic pain, anxiety and depression. 

AllTrails has over 200,000 trail maps for those who enjoy getting outdoors whether that be for a walk, run, hike or bike.  Users can review and post images of each trail to give other users a better idea of what track will best suit them. A great way to get some fresh air and Vitamin D!

Customise your intervals, rests and rounds with this handy app that plays whilst your music keeps pumping. You can workout for any amount of time and rest as much as you'd like in between. This app helps you stay on track and balance out each exercise's timings. 

Glo is great for yoga beginners all the way through to those intermediates who can turn themselves into a human pretzel. It has specially curated classes to suit your needs including stress reduction, sleep or general health. It's knowledge teachers make doing yoga from home a breeze. 

August 23, 2021