Parents, wave goodbye to the expense of swimming lessons at the pool door - quite literally! If you're accessing a Family Tax Benefit and juggling school-aged children, you're eligible for an Active Kids Voucher.

For parents, caregivers, and guardians in New South Wales, the Active Kids Voucher scheme gives a little financial boost - $50 per child to eligible families. Great! But hang on, what can you truly do with this voucher? The answer is easy -convert it into a priceless swimming lesson. 

If you're eligible, apply for an Active Kids Voucher here.

The $50 voucher is available twice a year to use towards sport, creative and cultural activities.

Voucher 1 – 2024: Available from term 1

  • Applications open: 1 February 2024
  • Apply for and use the voucher by: 22 December 2024 (due to Learn to Swim closing early for Christmas)

Voucher 2 – 2024: Available from term 3

  • Applications open: 15 July 2024
  • Apply for and use the voucher by: 14 July 2025

Your next move is to direct your voucher to where it can really make a difference - with us at Learn to Swim! Our certified instructors understand that every child is unique, and their approach is shaped by the child's individual pace and comfort. The Learn to Swim curriculum is designed with safety being our focus, but also with a fun environment that encourages learning.

Find out more about Learn to Swim here.

Ready to make a splash with your Active Kids Voucher? Here's how:

  1. Ensure your child is enrolled in the Learn to Swim program.
  2. Forward on your Active Kids Voucher details with us at
  3. Enjoy watching your child thrive, and we'll take $50 off their lesson

We can't wait to dive in with you!

April 05, 2024